Why Us


The level of trust you have to allow us, as your general contractors Tulsa, into your home is not taken lightly. Homes are a sacred space and must be treated with respect. Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable and is committed to providing homeowners with competent quality service and work. Not only will you have access to your general contractors Tulsa but we provide an invaluable network of contractors that have been vetted by us and we know you can trust. If you have any concerns we would love for you to give us a call so that we can walk you through what the process with us looks like. We would also encourage you to read some of our google reviews. These are left from previous customers who have taken it upon themselves to go public with how their experiences with working with us was.



Remodeling can be overwhelming and there are so many moving parts to making a homeowners vision come to life. It can also be incredibly fun and exciting! Who doesn’t love dreaming up a new space and making it functional for your family? As your general contractors Tulsa, we guarantee to guide you in the design and planning process as well as give you a timeline for the execution. In remodeling there are always unforeseen issues that can come up, but we will work tirelessly to make sure the entire process goes as smooth and as quick as possible. You will be blown away at the customer service this general contractors Tulsa provides.



Do you hate it when your text has been left on “read” but there is no response? Or you call someone only for them not to return your call? We do too. We know it to be true, open communication is extremely valuable and uncommon from general contractors Tulsa. We know because that is one of the biggest complaints we have heard from clients who have worked with other contractors. They are genuinely surprised when we return their calls and text in a timely manner. Not only that but, if there is a mistake we want you to contact your general contractors Tulsa so we can fix it! If there is a change you’d like to make to the design plan we need to know as soon as possible. Likewise, if we have a problem or catch our own mistake we will contact you. Communication is important and is a major reason why most relationships of any kind fail. Let’s not be apart of that statistic. Our goal is to change the reputation that most contractors have of being unresponsive and no where to be found. You will have a point person that you will be able to contact at any point before, during, or after your project. We also make sure to give you updates throughout the week to let you know how the project is going.


Professional Craftsmanship

When you hire S & C Remodeling you are not hiring just a standard handyman, we are your best choice for general contractors Tulsa as we take pride in our craft. You will be able to customize your project with unique pieces and attention to detail that are able to cultivate your desired look. No longer be stuck with cookie cutter options and designs but be able to achieve your exact style where your personality is evident at the end of the project. When you are working with us as your choice for general contractors Tulsa you will work hand in hand with our lead contractor to be able to come up with a custom design and plan before starting any work. Then during the project you will be able to speak with him and check in on the status of the job. Our goal is to make sure at the end you are 100% satisfied with the work that is performed.


One Year Labor Warranty

Because we know that any type of repair work or renovation that you choose to do to your home is an investment we want you to feel confident that the work is going to get done right the very first time. At S & C Remodeling we are the general contractors Tulsa that offer a one year labor warranty on all of the work that we perform. This gives you assurance that if for some reason the quality of labor is faulty that we are going to come back out and fix it on us! When you are making an investment it is always nice to know that the company you are using is going to stand by their work. If you have any questions on what this one year labor warranty covers we would love for you to give us a call!


On Time

When you are working with general contractors Tulsa we know that a huge concern is if they are going to show up on time and stick to the timeframe quoted. This can be a huge frustration during your project as we know that you have a busy schedule to stick to as well. Then when weather or change orders extend your project it can be extremely frustrating when you are working with general contractors Tulsa who do not communicate with you what the issue is and then adjust the time frame accordingly so that you know what to expect. At S & C Remodeling you can expect us to show up when we promise and to stick to a strict time frame, making sure that we are communicating with you along the way. The last thing we want is you being frustrated because you have no idea what the status of the job is which is why we put an intense focus on our communication. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do as our job is best serving the customer and that starts from the very first moment you get in contact with us. Give us a call today!