Drywall Repair & Replacement

At S & C Remodeling we have the general contractors Tulsa that will be your go to construction company for drywall repair. We do the best anyone can to hide any patch job there is. We can even match acoustic on ceilings. You will never even know where the patch is when we do the job for you.

From cutting out drywall from a plumbing leak to patching a hole that a plumber or electrician has made and not fixed themselves. Mudding all the seams and texturing the wall. Prime and painting, blending in the new paint to the old paint. When general contractors Tulsa from S & C Remodeling are finished, the damage from before will be completely invisible to the eye.

When S & C Remodeling finishes the job, it is cleaned up. Our subcontractor and staff always make sure that they are cleaning as they go. This allows us to have minimal clean up at the end of the job allowing us to get out of your hair as quickly as possible and leaving no trace of us behind! At S & C Remodeling our intention is to leave you knowing that we cared and respected the place you call home throughout the entire project. As general contractors Tulsa we see it as our responsibility to vacuum, sweep and mop as needed to get the job spotless.

Our goal is to make sure that at the end of the job we are leaving you 100% satisfied. General contractors Tulsa will stay on the job until you are satisfied with their work. Always communicating with you as they go. At S & C Remodeling, we strive for the highest of quality and near perfect work.

As your best choice for general contractors Tulsa we work on jobs large or small, making sure that we can be your goto contractor no matter the project. We will repair holes put in your walls by your angry teens. We will even fix walls from wrestling kids.We will repair ceiling drywall from the man of the house falling through from the attic. We know that life is unpredictable and we love to hear the stories that are told about them. We will repair drywall from roof leaks, start cutting out drywall, and then proceed to replace any insulation. We make sure to replace drywall and clean their mess up and then mud and tape all seams. We will give the mud time to dry and will come back at a feasible time to catch the mud again until finished. If time is of the essence we will use quick-dry joint compound if needed. We can also texture if needed. Then as your best choice as general contractors Tulsa will we prime and paint to match your existing wall color.

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do, making sure we are also professional, friendly, and on time. We aren’t just general contractors Tulsa but we strive to build long lasting relationships with our customers, and will do our best to make you feel like family while we are there. We want you to feel free to contact us even after the job is done. We love to tell stories and hear your stories as well. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable with the people who you are allowing to work on the place that you call home!

We are honored to have done work as general contractors Tulsa in so many homes and repair many holes in drywall. We have been in many different types of home. Never feel like your house is not good enough. At S & C Remodeling we make sure your home will be treated better than our own. We will be at your service for any and all your home repair needs.