Transparency, honesty, integrity are a few of the core values that make us the very Top General Contractors Tulsa. It is ours believes that by building a company on top of core values we can be proud of we will have a thriving business that we will both enjoy and be proud of! And over the course the last 20 years that has proven to be the case. That is why we are committed to making sure that we spend the next 20 years building and growing on top of the same core principles. There are many different ways that we implement these beliefs and values, and we are committed to only getting better at these going forward.

One way that our core values help us become the Top General Contractors Tulsa is that it is required us to hire nothing but high-quality people. But make sure that we only bring in high-quality people we have kept a culture consistent with our older leadership’s beliefs. By no allowing any see would be players into our building, we have Negative and unnecessary workplace trauma and distractions. By eliminating internal distractions, we have been able to be more focused on our customers and providing them a quality experience.

When you’re doing with us is your Top General Contractors Tulsa you going to be doing with one of the most transparent contractors you’ve ever built with, if not the most transparent. We do this because we believe you should have a fair idea of exactly where your money is going. We’ll make sure you understand what is being spent on materials and your home and what the labor cost is going to be for your project. We do this instead of just throwing out a random number that has no meaning behind it to you. We will make sure that you understand that we are shopping for sure that we are charging you as little as possible to provide you with the services you hired us to do.

You can also trust we are going, to be honest, and terrible when dealing with this. This is partly because our owner Mr. Chuck is a former United States military member who still committed to the same morals and values that he was taught so long going military. This is the base of the company that he built, and he would have absolutely no other way. To him being honored having a good reputation is more important than any amount of money that he could ever make.

When it comes to working with the company not only is going to give you a good product at a good price, that is going to be a company that you can be proud to do work with we like to think that S & C Remodeling is at the top of that list. If you like to learn more about our morals and values feel free to visit our website. We find this on That’s enough to convince you that we’re the right company for the job give us a call at 918-378-3746.

Top General Contractors Tulsa | Quality Affordable Work Is Our Passion

What has driven us to be the very Top General Contractors Tulsa is our passion for providing quality affordable work to our community. We love the communities we serve here at S & C Remodeling. We think that some of the best people in the world are our clients and customers. That is why providing them with the home renovations, home repairs, and outdoor renovations that they deserve to live a happy life in their home is so important to us. We believe they truly deserve it.

Because it is our passion to be the Top General Contractors Tulsa we take every opportunity to wow and amaze our amazing clients. We do this so you realize just how much you mean to us as a company. It is our goal to serve you and provide you with a home that you’ve always dreamed of while removing the hassled headache that is present with working with a majority of contractors out there. Provide you with the services that you want, the customer service you deserve. There’s not another contractor out there that is committed to making sure that you are left in all after dealing with our company for the first time as we are. We get told all the time that our customer service is second to none when it comes to dealing with contractors. People are just not used to being treated the way we treat our customers because we treat them with honesty and respect.

Customer service isn’t the only way that we show our customers that we are the Top General Contractors Tulsa. We also do this by displaying a high level of craftsmanship. We truly believe that our work is second to none in terms of quality. Whatever you are us to do a job, you can rest assured knowing that is giving them the right way, the first time. We offer what you want him only to birth for any job we do for our clients. This way you can sleep at night knowing that we leave the job, it is going to be done in a manner that is going to be built to last. The corners when it comes to making sure that the quality of your project is of the highest order.

Another way that we make sure that we provide our customers with nothing but the very best general contractor experience in Tulsa is by providing the services to you at a price that can’t be beaten for the quality of work. While our prices may not be the absolute lowest in the market, we like to think that you get well more than what you’re paying for. We may should we provide high-end results, with middle-of-the-road prices. We do this by working diligently to make sure that every dime that we spend is spent wisely.

If you like to work with an honest and dependable contractor his passion is to provide you with these services that I high-quality, and affordable rates and waste of time and get our website. Our website and I got a contact form at the top of the page whenever you visit S & C Remodeling. Or you could always call us at 918-378-3746.