Make sure that when you are looking for Top General Contractors Tulsa you go with S & C Remodeling. This going to make sure you and abusing Tulsa’s very best when it comes to remodeling and home construction projects. The list of reasons why they are the very best in Tulsa is impossibly long. One of the most important reasons why they have been able to be the best in their commitment to making sure that while you each and every time have an opportunity in front of you. By actively thinking about what they can do to amaze you, it is a byproduct of making sure you are always satisfied as possible.

If you want Top General Contractors Tulsa to provide you with the kitchen remodel you been waiting for, you’re sure about this one. That is because they have systems and procedures in place to make sure that you only receive high-quality work. By making sure you’re happy with the product when you’re done, this is an important thing when it comes to being the best. While it is not the end-all-be-all, the quality of work does matter. We make sure that we may live in this aspect whenever we come into your home and start a project. On top of this, only work will be done in a way that is consistent with your vision. Make sure that we communicate still on the same page as you are going to ensure that the outcome is exactly what you have in mind.

Whenever Top General Contractors Tulsa works with you we are going to make it very easy for you to get contact with us. The number one complaint we get about other contractors is the inability to contact them. Whatever you call us, we make a point to answer or return your call immediately. Textus, will never look at the text and ignore. Being responsive is a huge part of the job that we have in providing you with an amazing experience. There is no reason for remodeling to be the massive strain that it is on people. It is our goal to change this misconception that a remodeler home invasion is to be this massive mental and emotional strain on you.

You’re going to find that the general quality of the people working on your home we are managing the product is going to be hard. As we are extremely particular people we allow in your home. We like to look at it like we’re allowing people into our home so we make sure that we vet every single person that works for us or any private contractors we hire out. This ensures your home was only for high-quality people feel comfortable bringing tomorrow. We believe your safety, security, and peace of mind of the utmost importance. That is why we treat this particular aspect of our business with such importance.

These sound like appealing reasons why you choose one contractor of another and wasting time to get the ball. We make this extremely easy and no risk to you by offering you a free estimate. All you do is go to and fill out a form. If you’re having trouble finding we encourage you to pick up your phone and give us a call at any time at 918-378-3746.

Top General Contractors Tulsa | Proud To Be Veteran Owned!

In addition to being very proud of the fact that we are the Top General Contractors Tulsa, we are also extremely proud of the fact that we are a better-known company. We believe that our owner’s experience in the United States military is part of what has built the foundation to have such a successful company for so many years. Having a company that is built on traditional values we cannot tell you how much we appreciate the guidance and leadership that he is provided to us, which he oftentimes attributes back to his time in the United States military.

Not only are we proud to be a veteran-owned Top General Contractors Tulsa, but we are also sure that you would be proud to work with a veteran-owned company as well. There is no greater way of showing you thanks and appreciation in helping a former military veteran continue growing his business. That being said, we do not want you to simply give us your business because Mr. Chuck was a United States veteran, will you give us your business because we do a better job than just about anybody else. It is our commitment to not only quality craft ship, but a great customer experience truly sets us apart from other contractors. The reason why we are so passionate about providing these services with such a high degree of customer service is that Mr. Chuck truly cares about his community and wants people to be able to receive the home renovations they want and deserve without all of the nerve-racking and exhausting headaches.

One of the things that you get whenever you work with a Top General Contractors Tulsa that is better known as the honesty and integrity that comes with it. We are going to be transparent in everything we do when working with it. You’re never going to invoice you for materials that were used. We’re never going to invoice you for hours that we were not there. That is because these would be dishonest practices, and that is not what we’re about. Luckily because of our 20-year history of being business in the area, we stay busy enough that we are able to stay profitable without this kind of dishonest business practice.

Another great benefit of working with a former military veteran is the fact that he is going, to be honest with you about mistakes. He knows that there is no denying that people make mistakes as we are all human. All he is simply going to do is make sure that he communicates with you thoroughly exactly what happened and what that means for you. He is going to make sure that things are left the way they should be. He’s going to make things right with you and with the situation 100% of the time. It was his dedication to being an honorable man that truly makes working with and working for Mr. Chuck such a pleasure.

Veteran contractor, all you need to do is visit our website. Whenever you go to you can fill out a contact form there. You can also check out more pictures of previous jobs we have completed. If you want to speak to a customer service representative please pick up the phone and dial 918-378-3746