There are a lot of General Contractors Tulsa in Tulsa. You may be asking yourself why should I choose S & C. The answer is very simple. You’re just not going to find contractor out there that is going to be able to provide you with the constant communication, on-time projects, the one-year labor warranty, background checks for all employees and contractors the cleaning guarantee, and the design work that we are going to be able to provide you. The funny company that offers all of these amazing benefits is very rare. You’re not going to find other people that are going to provide you all of this on top of a free estimate. If you want to work with a confident it was going to do a fantastic job, provide you with a free estimate, and all of the above-mentioned benefits then you’re going to end up working with General Contractors Tulsa company.

When you choose us is your General Contractors Tulsa we are going to stay in constant communication with you. That is because we believe this is a vital part of making sure that the remodeling project comes out exactly how you want to. We’re going to make sure that the vision you have for your home becomes a reality. By staying in contact throughout the entirety of the project is just a brief meeting before the project starts, we are going make sure that the vision that we execute, is what is in your mind for how the project should turn out.

If you want to hire a General Contractors Tulsa that is going to be on time for them. Here at S and C, we are going to make sure your project is finished on time. But make sure that we complete the project on a consistent timeline is going to stay ahead and plan accordingly. We were standing having a remodel done on your home can be an inconvenience. It can displace you and items in the long as that is when we take it so very our products finish up we say they’re going to.

We are going to make sure that every single person who comes to your home about us in the project has passed an extensive background check. We do this because we take more comfort, safety, and security very seriously. We want you to become we not only make sure that our users before hiring our contractors to adhere to the same policies. This ensures that you only have great high-quality people coming in your home that exhibit character. We do this without compromising quality, as our president or some of the very best in the area. They clean up after themselves and make sure that the job site looks great before leaving at the end of every day, and every week. You will never have to worry about the Jobsite BMS with you hire us.

Waste of time you get your free estimate today. All you need to do is get on your computer and find us by going to Here you also see that it is very quick and easy to give us a phone call. Our number can be found at the top of the page and you can contact us by dialing 918-378-3746

General Contractors Tulsa | What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Veteran Contractor?

Whenever you hire a General Contractors Tulsa for your home renovation one of the best moves you can make is hiring a veteran contractor. This because you’re getting the same qualities that make our country the best country in the world. By hiring contractors with military experience you are buying into the values, culture, integrity, honesty our military great nation built on. You have a certain level of trust with a man who has served your country. It also lets you know your dollars are going to a good place into a good man.

When talking about General Contractors Tulsa that is also military veterans, our founder Chuck falls in that group. But he is not only served our country as a member of the United States military, but he has also been serving our community by providing high-quality and affordable home improvements in the area for over 30 years. The company has in business for 20 of those years, making sure that this community has the services that it needs for in-person they can trust.

Really and truly the biggest benefit you get from hiring General Contractors Tulsa that is military veterans is just the flat out honesty integrity. You do not worry about being lied or swindled. That goes against everything that they stand for. They observe our great nation to make sure that people’s liberties and freedoms have been protected, and they are not about to infringe on yours. At least that’s the way that our owner Chuck sees things. You will quickly after meeting him fall in love with the energies he and radiates. You can just tell he is an honest and trustworthy gentleman from the moment that you meet him.

Well, the military veteran is a great benefit of the contractor, they still have to be able to do the job. No matter how honest and great you are if the quality of work just is not sufficient in this matter. We also do not have this problem as we only hire high-quality craftsmen. By making sure that we hire skilled craftsmen, using high-quality materials, and make sure that our management team does a good job holding everyone accountable you can trust that your home renovations are going to be built to last. Therefore the reasons why we have no problem offering a one-year guarantee on all labor provided. It’s a no-brainer for us, as we rarely have to come back and fix something as we believe in doing things right the first time. Touch it once is a mantra that we have had in our building since our inception. Again this is probably due to Chuck’s military roots and an obsession with minimizing duplications of effort.

If our company sounds like become a company that you would enjoy doing work with and filled with were excited to hear from you. Just reach out to our website If you would feel more comfortable getting a feel for us over the phone then you’re more than welcome to reach out to us at 918-378-3746.