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General Contractor Tulsa | Chuck Moore


Chuck Moore is the owner and founder of S&C Remodeling, operating as the head incharge of our general contractors Tulsa. Started more than 20 years ago, S&C Remodeling has been a dependable name in the Tulsa community. Having built this company on traditional values, Chuck steadfastly holds to the beliefs of treating people with honesty, respect, and integrity. He is an Army Vet and holds a degree from Northeastern State University with a BS in Business. From restoring bikes as a little kid for extra money to making sure he could pay for school and provide for his family; he has always been a resourceful, inventive, and entrepreneurial person. With more than two decades of experience Chuck has honed his craft as one of the best general contractors Tulsa. He is Schluter certified and has been trained by experts in drywall and painting. He has invaluable knowledge, an eye for detail, and the ability to get things done. As soon as you meet him you know you can trust him.

It’s likely that if you see Chuck in public he will have his cowboy hat on. Although he is a general contractors Tulsa, he is a “country boy” through and through. He and his wife, Sherry have been married 24 years and have 3 children. He enjoys training horses, teaching bible studies, and going on dates with his beautiful wife. When you are working with us you can expect that Chuck will be checking in on your job frequently and has a close eye on the work that is being performed. S & C Remodeling is like one of his children and he sees it as a tool to help the community. If you have any questions about S & C Remodeling or are wanting more details on an upcoming project we would love for you to give us a call! We’ll come out and give you a free estimate so that we can discuss the details of the project and be able to give an accurate estimate on your project.

General Contractor Tulsa | Stephen Moore


Stephen Moore is Chuck’s right hand man and brother (in case you were wondering about the family relation). He has been with the company as the lead general contractors Tulsa almost since its inception. Together they have put love, sweat and tears into this business to make it what it is today. Stephen is likely the guy you will see most often at the job getting work done and managing onsite. He is trustworthy, dependable, and task oriented person, making him an ideal business partner and job overseer. He is a skilled woodworker and painter which greatly helps when training other general contractors Tulsa. He is also Schluter certified and could probably answer just about any question regarding Star Wars.

Stephen’s favorite person in the world is his son, Luke. He is rambunctious and keeps Stephen on his toes but, it keeps him young (as they say). On a typical weekend, when Stephen gets to hang up his general contractors Tulsa hat, you can find them bonding over their love for swords, video games, and Chinese food. Stephen is a core member of our team and we are extremely honored and blessed to have him on board. Truly he is the executor on our jobs, the man who makes things happen! When S & C Remodeling is on your job you have Stephen to thank for most of the work and the management of everyone else on the job.

General Contractor Tulsa | Stephen Moore

Natasha Moore, Office Manager

Most people dread the idea of getting their home ready to sell. The seemingly never ending task list of home repairs, organizing, cleaning, and ensuring the house is showroom ready can be quite overwhelming. Then, there are those who thrive on it. Natasha Moore is one of those people. Natasha is a realtor with Chinowth & Cohen and is a graduate of Oklahoma State University. Her background in marketing, organizing, and administrative duties are ideal when choosing someone to assist you in selling your home. She is hardworking, friendly, and loves to be creative. If she’s not doing real estate she’s probably in the kitchen baking delicious desserts, hiking, or reorganizing something.


Since our inception we have always believed in working hard, being honest and not being afraid to admit mistakes, because it’s not about the mistake, it’s about the mindset. If a mistake is made by one of our general contractors Tulsa, we fix it and move on. With a constant mindset of doing our best to deliver competent home renovation and repair services. We endeavor to use general contractors Tulsa and other subcontractors with the same mindset. We want to turn a homeowner’s vision for their home into a visual reality. We strive to relieve homeowners from the stress that remodeling can bring. Remodeling your home should not be a complete headache but should be exciting and fun! Every homeowner we help and collaborate with is just as important as the last. Whether you consider yourself young or old, a first time homeowner or it’s your thirty-second; our goal is to be a resource and help to all homeowners who want their home to work for them. We strive to be THE general contractors Tulsa to go to for existing homeowners, their friends, and their family for years to come.


People looking for a family oriented, honest and growth minded work environment would do well here. There are opportunities for leadership, learning and growth as you train to be one of the best general contractors Tulsa. Not only can we teach you important skills, but if you have a skill set we need, we want you! Every skill set is important. Even if you’ve never worked in remodeling, as long as you come with a teachable attitude and mindset, you can learn! Mindset is very important here; a general contractors Tulsa work is demanding both physically and mentally. If you like a challenge, the ability to work with your hands, the opportunity to create, build, and dream up ideas, this place is for you. If you are looking for work and believe you’ll be a good fit here at S & C Remodeling we would love for you to give us a call so that we can set you up for an interview. Although having experience and skills to bring to the table is definitely a plus, at S & C Remodeling we hire for character over skill every single day of the week. So if you are a person of character who is willing to put in some hard work with a good attitude we would love for you to reach out!